Holmes Extractive Resources


Holmes Extractive Resources offer a wide range of Quarry Products please contact us and enquire about the right material for your project.

For standard quarry products please see the table below.

Type Product
Aggregate 7mm Aggregate
  10mm Aggragate
  14mm Aggragate
  20mm Aggragate
  20-40mm Aggregate
Roadbase 20mm Roadbase
  40mm Roadbase
  Gravel Roadbase 20mm
  Gravel Roadbase 35mm
  Gravel Roadbase 75mm
Rock Rail Ballast
  Coble (25-90mm)
  Drainage Rock (75-150mm)
  Gabion Rock (75-200mm)
  Hammered Rock
  Shot Rock
Sand Unscreened Sand (Fill)
  Screened Sand (Concrete)
  Washed Sand
Other Products Metal Dust
  Gravel Overburden
  Clay Overburden